Corporate Responsibility

How would you like to add to your organisation's Corporate Social Responsibility outcomes, reduce the cost of living for your staff, and reduce food waste?

This Festive season, or any time of the year, make a meaningful impact with your corporate gifts! Fridge Friend is not just a gift; it's a sustainability statement that your employees will truly appreciate.

🌍 Reduce Food Waste: As a responsible corporation, helping to reduce food waste is a crucial initiative. Fridge Friend helps your staff reduce food waste at the source, the home fridge. It's a small change that can lead to a significant reduction in your staff's environmental footprint.

💰 Save Money: We know your employees work hard and believe they should enjoy the benefits. Fridge Friend doesn't just save food; it saves money. Extending the life of fresh produce by up to 169% puts extra dollars back in their pockets.

🎁 Gift That Keeps Giving: Fridge Friend isn't a one-time gift; it's a three-year commitment to sustainability. Fridge Friend comes with a 3-year replacement warranty. It's a reminder that your company cares about the well-being of its employees and the planet. It's a gift that keeps on giving, month after month.

🔵 Customization Options: Personalise your Fridge Friend gifts with your company's branding or a special message. We offer customization options to make Fridge Friend a unique and memorable gift for your staff.

Are you ready to make a sustainable statement this festive season? Contact us to learn more about how you can make Fridge Friend a part of your corporate gifting strategy.

Let's work together to reduce waste, save money, and create a more sustainable future. 🌎🎁