I love my Fridge Friend. It lives in my crisper and works wonders to prevent soggy, overripe or smelly fruit and vegetables. I have really noticed an extended shelf life, particularly in high-water content foods such as tomatoes, herbs, spinach, lettuce, celery and even stone fruits! 

I’ve seen some products last up to 10 days longer than I expected them to. This means I don’t have to worry about emptying my fridge prior to a long weekend, as I know my veggies will still be edible when I get home. 

The best thing about Fridge Friend i its low-maintenance– just pop the filter in the microwave for 15 seconds or sit it in the sun for an hour or so and it’s ready to go again for another month, indefinitely! A must-have for every fridge/esky!”

   Emily, Salisbury QLD

"I’ve used Fridge Friend for over two weeks now and I’ve had a bag of grapes in there this whole time that we have kept forgetting to eat… and they are still fresh!!! 😱"
  Lauren, Melbourne VIC https://www.instagram.com/thetwinclairs/


“We have noticed an incredible change in the longevity of our food, since purchasing Fridge Friend. We no longer need to throw out wilted vegetables that we haven't had a chance to use due to our busy family life. 

Everything looks so vibrant and fresh and the bonus for us is that we don't have to make extra trips to the supermarket!”

  Natalie, Doonan QLD

“With four adults in our home, we're always looking to save money and reduce the food that ends up in the bin, no matter how hard we try otherwise. However, we've seen considerably reduced food waste with Fridge Friend in our crisper and fridge at home.

We also have a couple of Fridge Friends at our beach house that saves us from emptying the fridges each time we leave.

The fresh herbs last twice as long, and our berries do too. And the fact that we don't need to buy refills makes me a big fan.”

“We were always concerned about strawberries after we bought them. Most times they would only last about half a week in our fridge."

  Phil, Bentleigh VIC

"When we heard about the Fridge Friend, we were sceptical, to say the least!

However, our strawberries lasted two whole weeks when we installed Fridge Friend. An amazing product.”

  Diane, Hampton VIC

More to come :-)