Our claims

At Fridge Friend, we understand the importance of providing accurate and reliable information about our product. Our claims are based on independent scientific product testing conducted in accredited laboratories.

Additionally, our team has over ten years of experience working with mineral-based filters in cool rooms of thousands of hospitality venues.

We're so confident in what we do that we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee and a 3 year replacement warranty. If you are not satisfied with the results with your Fridge Friend, please get in touch with us for a full refund.

Now, we want to be upfront with you: results can vary. There are a bunch of factors at play, like how fresh your produce was to begin with, how often you open the fridge, fridge performance, and even the type and amount of produce you're storing. 

Fridge Friend’s active ingredients adsorb ethylene gas (a plant hormone that accelerates produce ripening and spoilage) and reduce airborne bacteria and mould. Limiting ethylene gas exposure to your produce is one of the foundations for longer-lasting fruit and veg, alongside getting the right balance of temperature and humidity.

We explain this further and provide some general tips to help you make the most of Fridge Friend here.

As for those claims you might have seen floating around, like extending shelf life by days or weeks? Those are based on real feedback from folks like you! These, and other claims regarding testimonials are sourced through independently verified Trustpilot reviews. 

But hey, everyone's experience is different, right? So, while lots of people have seen great results, we can't promise the same result for everyone. 


Jon & Nic Roberts


We're a 100% Australian owned and based company.