Meet Fridge Friend™

Are you sick of throwing out food? We have an affordable, simple solution that actually works - and it’s great for the planet too. 

Fridge Friend is a scientifically-backed filter that when placed inside your fridge, keeps your produce fresh (and edible) for longer.

A friend to your fridge, a friend to the planet.

We're a 100% Australian owned and based company.


How does it work?

Simply place Fridge Friend in your fridge and it will absorb contaminated air, particles & excess humidity through our 100% natural mineral compound, keeping your food fresher for longer, reducing your trips to the grocery store and saving you money.

It’s completely non-toxic and safe to use, with its unique honeycomb structure absorbing 79% of ethylene gas and 85% bacteria and odors - proudly preserving your produce.


Your wallet and the planet will thank you

Why do I need a Fridge Friend?

We’re throwing out tonnes of food each year at a great cost to both households, and the environment.

In fact, the average household throws out 25% of their groceries, which adds up to between $2,200 and $3,800 per household, per year, depending on which report you read. That hurts!

But the worst part of all? Food wastage is drastically hurting the planet too, contributing up to 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions. 

But it’s not all bad news…

We can tackle climate change directly from our kitchens. Studies have shown reducing food wastage is the single most powerful thing you can do to impact climate change.

Your wallet and the planet will thank you!


Save money, reduce food waste

  • Reduce ethylene gas

    Absorbs up to 79% of ethylene gas (the gas the speeds up the ripening of produce), extending the life of fresh produce by up to 169%.

  • Reduce bacteria

    Reduces up to 85% of airborne bacteria and fungal spores that cause food contamination and food poisoning.

  • Absorb humidity

    Absorbs up to 48% of its weight in moisture, ensuring ideal humidity and reducing your fridge's energy consumption by up to 30%.

  • 100% natural product

    Fridge Friend uses a unique combination of minerals in all its filters. The mineral is 100% natural and safe for home use.

  • Low-cost solution

    On average, a Fridge Friend will pay for itself in the first two months by directly reducing food waste.

  • Easy to setup

    Simply follow the instructions provided and you'll be setup and running in under 60 seconds!

  • Carbon neutral business

    We’re a carbon neutral business; offsetting all our carbon from production and transportation with Greenfleet. All our products, packaging and inserts are 100% recyclable.

  • Supporting our community

    We’re supporting our community through our collaboration with OzHarvest. For every Fridge Friend sold, we’re donating $3 to provide six meals to Australians who need it most.

  • Tackling climate change

    Let’s face it - climate change is a confronting reality that’s often easier to shy away from. We’re tackling it head on; reducing Australia’s food wastage and subsequently our overall greenhouse gas emissions by up to 8-10%.


How long does a Fridge Friend filter last?

Under normal usage in a home fridge you should get at least 3 years use if not more.

Similar products used in cafes and restaurants have been in use for 5+ Years

How many Fridge Friends do I need?

How many Fridge Friends do I need?

Assuming the size of your fridge is relevant to the number of people in your home, and for optimal results, we recommend:

1-2 Person Home: One Fridge Friend

3-4 Person Home: Two Fridge Friends

5+ Person Home: Three Fridge Friends

Is the Fridge Friend safe?

Fridge Friend filters air and water particles through a 100% natural mineral compound, which is completely non-toxic and safe to use in any refrigeration environment.

Do I need to buy refill mineral or replacement filters?

Unlike other products that require new minerals to be purchased every 3 months, Fridge Friend’s unique mineral compound does not require any mineral or filter replacements during the product's life.

What if I'm not happy with my Fridge Friend?

We have a 30-day Money Back Guarantee policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return if you are not satisfied. Full details here.

How do I look after my Fridge Friend?

Once every 30-days, simply remove your Fridge Friend from your fridge and put it in your microwave for 15 seconds (ANY MORE THAN 15 SECONDS MAY DAMAGE YOUR FRIDGE FRIEND AND VOID THE WARRANTY).

You can also place Fridge Friend in direct sunlight for 60 minutes on a warm day, ideally over 18C.

This will remove our any moisture, odour and bacteria captured and reset the filter.

Let it cool down before place back in your fridge.

You can wipe your Fridge Friend with a damp cloth to remove any marks.


How long does shipping take?

Orders will ship in March 2023

Most orders will be dispatched within 72 hours and arrive within 5-7 business days.


Most orders will be dispatched within 72 hours and arrive within 10-15 business days.