The Fridge Friend® Story

How an Aussie father-son duo turned food waste frustrations into a fresh solution for a worldwide problem.

From one fed-up parent to another: Meet Fridge Friend®

Founded and operated by father-son duo, Jon and Nic, the Fridge Friend™business was founded on a genuine passion for finding sustainable, affordable and effective solutions to food waste.

As a parent and foodie, Jon knows all too well the cost and time that goes into putting fresh food on the table (or in most cases, the fridge) and was sick of seeing his bin full of unused and rotten produce every few days – not cool.

Jon also knew he wasn’t alone – food waste is a SERIOUS worldwide problem.

  • Having worked in the commercial food and retail space for over 10 years, providing commercial-grade fridge filters to reduce food waste from cafés, restaurants and other food businesses, Jon understood that waste reduction was an uphill battle.

    He wondered, what the fridge can I do to help?

  • Then, it all came together. 

    How can people eradicate food waste? Create a home-friendly filter friend in the fridge that people could depend on.

    That’s how Fridge Friend came to be.

    So, while we can’t slow down time for fruits and veggies, the Fridge Friend can keep fresh food fresher for longer and reduce produce from going to waste.It’s a win-win for you, your wallet and the planet!

    We’re reducing food waste andcombating the cost of living crisis,one fridge at a time.

    Australian-owned and operated business,bringing homefreshhome solutions since 2019

Meet our team

Jonathan Roberts

Co-Founder & CEO  

Jon has been starting and running companies since his late teens and Fridge Friend was born from one of those businesses.

In 2013, he started a business in Geelong that provided Humidity & Bacteria Control filters for commercial cool rooms, typically in cafes, restaurants and pubs – which got him to start thinking – how can this product help more people?

With the considerable increase in the cost of living, especially for groceries and fresh produce, Jon set out with his son Nic on a mission to help reduce food waste with Fridge Friend, knowing it’s the single most powerful thing they can do to impact climate change.

Nic Roberts

Co-Founder & CMO

Following in his dad’s footsteps, Nic has been working on small-scale businesses since his teens and has spent the last decade working as a marketing executive.

Fridge Friend came to life after many long conversations, research, planning and work with his dad. Their combined passion was infectious and only good things come from that.

After understanding the sheer scale of the food waste problem, both to the planet and households, Nic knew this was something he wanted to dedicate himself to.

Ben Roberts

Head of Operations

After learning more about the extent of the food waste problem in Australia, I was keen to jump on board and help our small family business grow. 

Before joining Fridge Friend, I worked at the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC), focused on consumer welfare and public impacts of mergers and acquisitions in diverse sectors including grocery, medical devices, and materials handling. 

I’m passionate about sustainability, social justice, and volunteering. For example, previously volunteered as director of people and culture at Out for Australia, and co-chairing diversity and inclusion initiatives at Herbert Smith Freehills.

Theo Roberts

Customer Happiness

Theo has joined the team to help Jon & Nic ensure every customer interaction is a happy one.

Theo attended Geelong Grammar and has spent several years in the hospitality sector, so he knows how to put customers first.

Theo is also undertaking a Bachelor of Creative Arts at Deakin Uni and is passionate about animal welfare and reducing food waste.

Our Aussie Partners

As a 100% Australian-owned and operated business,we take pride in working with other local Australian organisations who support us in creating, distributing and assessing Fridge Friend™and taking steps towards a zero-waste Australia.

We're a 100% Australian owned and based company.