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Fridge Friend®

Fridge Friend®

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Meet your Fridge Friend®

One-time purchase, no refills required!

✓ Risk-free purchase with a 90-day money-back guarantee 

✓ Keeps your food fresher for up to 3 weeks longer*

✓ One-time purchase, no refills required

✓ Scientifically proven to be effective

✓ Reduces harmful mould & bacteria

✓ Saves you up to $852 per year

✓ 3-year replacement warranty

✓ Reduces odours

How much could you actually save with Fridge Friend?

A typical household spend $9,774 annually on groceries, with 15% on fresh produce alone. We did the math and found that you can save up to $852 per year with each Fridge Friend

We're confident Fridge Friend can last up to 3 years (it comes with a 3 Year Replacement Warranty); we’re looking at up to $2,500 worth of savings – definitely a cool way to cut costs, right?

How many Fridge Friends do I need?

Assuming the size of your fridge is relevant to the number of people in your home, and for optimal results, we recommend:

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