How does Fridge Friend® work?

The science of food preservation, backed by data

This is what happens inside your fridge:

In a refrigerated environment, the air is cooled and the relative humidity increases – so the air loses its capacity to hold water vapour.

As a result, condensation occurs, and your fridge now has new occupants: water molecules.

In comes Fridge Friend® to sort that all out

With a little help from the airflow,the absorption and desorption capacities of Fridge Friend®, it:

  • Captures the contaminated water molecules

  • Filters them through its microscopic crystalline pores acting as a molecular sieve

  • And releases the purified water particles back into the fridge

Okay, cool… what exactly does that mean?

Fridge Friend has been scientifically proven to increase the shelf life of fresh produce, meaning more food in hungry bellies and less in bins.

Fridge Friend® uses a 100% natural mineral compound to filter contaminated airborne particles.

And yes, because it’s made from naturally-sourced materials, it’s completely non-toxic and safe to hang out with your food in the fridge.

Without a Fridge Friend®, airborne bacteria, odours and ethylene are free to circulate throughout your fridge and prematurely spoil your food.

  • What the fridge is ethylene and what does it do in your refrigerator?

    Where there’s produce, there’s ethylene.

    Ethylene is a natural plant hormone produced by fruits and vegetables as they ripen or age. So, nothing to worry about per se as it’s just nature doing its work.

    HOWEVER… when a fruit or vegetable releases ethylene gas, it can trigger a ripening process in all nearby produce.

  • This causes a kind of domino effect on the rest of your fruits and vegetables, making them ripen and age faster than they normally would.

    It’s this that leads to a shorter shelf life and, eventually, faster spoilage.


    Reducing the amount of ethylene gas in a fridge can help extend fresh produce shelf life by slowing down the ripening process.

Test results on ethylene gas absorption

(Data exert taken from Vizon Scietec Validation Test Report) 

  • So, remove airborne bacteria and odours with Fridge Friend

    The fridge is one of the most used appliances at home.

    So, when it’s got a funky odour coming from the fridge – well that just ruins everyone’s day, doesn’t it?

    …how does this happen?

    Bacteria and odours come from the food you store in the fridge and the air outside of it. But beyond the annoying smell, these can also cause your food to spoil faster and even cause food contamination, which leads to other nasties.

    What happens if you have too much or too little moisture in your fridge?

    If the humidity is too low, your food can become dry and lose its flavour and texture. If the humidity is too high, your food can become damp and spoil faster.

    When the amount of moisture in the fridge is just right, you can:

    ✓ Keep fruits & veggies crisp

    ✓ Prevent meats from drying out

    ✓ Ensure dairy products stay creamy

  • Thankfully, you’ve got a Fridge Friend® who can fight ethylene, bacteria and odours for you.

    And it’s scientifically proven too!

    Fridge Friend's mineral compound and unique three-dimensional honeycomb-like structure have been scientifically proven to:

    ✓ Extend the shelf life of fresh produce by days and weeks by absorbing up to 79% of ethylene

    ✓ Remove up to 80% of airborne bacteria and odours, ensuring your fridge is cleaner, healthier and safer by reducing the chance of contamination

    ✓ Maintain the ideal humidity within the fridge by absorbing up to 48% of its weight in moisture

    ✓ Provide an ideal refrigeration environment and reduce refrigeration running time by up to 25%

Fridge Friend's mineral has also been tested and approved by these universities. And we are undertaking ongoing research & development in Melbourne

    What's inside a Fridge Friend®?

    Fridge Friend® uses a unique, proprietary blend of 100% natural, unprocessed minerals stored in a food-grade, recyclable plastic container.

    They have been carefully selected for their effectiveness in extending the life of fresh produce by absorbing ethylene (the natural hormone released by produce as they ripen), bacteria, odours and excess moisture in fridges.

    Our commercial division, EcoFresh Filters, has used this mineral in commercial cool rooms in cafes, restaurants, and pubs since 2013.

    The specific minerals and their proportions are part of our exclusive formula, similar to how brands like Coca-Cola or KFC keep their recipes secret. This unique blend is a crucial part of what makes Fridge Friend an innovative solution for reducing food waste and the cost of living for families.

    Ready to stop wasting food and start saving money? 

    We're a 100% Australian owned and based company.